Crystal clear waters surround the beautiful island of Phuket, and while we take the quality of the water in our Ocean for granted, we sometimes overlook the quality of the water we use in our everyday lives.

Without regular cleaning and maintenance the water supply in our homes or our place of work is at risk from contamination from bacteria that can cause potentially fatal diseases such as legionnaires disease. It can affect anybody but primarily affects those who are susceptible because of age, immunosuppression, illness, smoking etc. Legionella pneumophilia the bacteria that causes legionnaires disease can be found in small amounts in naturally occurring features such as lakes, rivers etc. They can also be found in purpose built water systems such as water storage tanks and distribution systems. Legionnaires disease is contracted by inhaling small droplets of water that contain the bacteria. Almost half the reported cases of Legionnaires disease are contracted whilst people are on holiday.Phuket Plumbing Services water cleaning services

Because outbreaks of legionnaires disease receive significant media coverage Resorts, Hotels, and Guesthouses are being urged to improve their safety standards to prevent tourists from catching legionnaires disease and to prevent alerts being placed on Phuket as a holiday destination.

Regular cleaning and chlorination of the water storage supply and the water storage tank can help to prevent legionnaires disease.

Phuket Plumbing has been formed to provide a multi-discipline organisation that is able to provide a full range of services associated with the installation, management and treatment of water distribution systems. It is the company’s policy to provide our clients with a range of products and services so that they are able to monitor and control the environment that they live or work. As well as our full range of plumbing services, we specialise in carrying out risk assessments and cleaning and chlorination of water storage and supply systems and upon the successful completion of the works being carried out will issue a Chlorination Certificate stating that the water system has been cleaned to the European standard.

Water Treatment and Management

One of the key areas for concern on Phuket is its water supply and storage. Phuket Plumbing offer the full range of plumbing services and we are only one of a handful of water treatment companies on Phuket to specialise in the treatment and prevention of waterborne bacteria such as legionella within water storage tanks.

With our water treatment and plumbing service now operating successfully throughout the U.K. our main role on Phuket is in the successful prevention and treatment of water based bacteria including - Legionella, E-Coli, Coliforms to name a few. Our range of water treatment programs offers all you need to control the environment in which you live and work.

Plumbers and Plumbing Services

phuket plumbing water servicesNeed a Plumber? Leaking pipe-work? Problems with your water supply? Need a new Shower? Blocked drains? Or maybe you just have a dripping tap that keeps you awake at night!

No problem. Because whatever your water requirements, Phuket Plumbing can provide you with plumbers and a whole range of plumbing services to go with them. Phuket Plumbing operates a 24 Hour Call Out (Phuket Island only/Charges may apply for other areas) and our fully trained plumbers are always happy to help.